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that Reports Bugs for You


Learn how to improve your web sites

with Bugira

Bugtracker where users send you bugreports

Let your users send you bugreports with ease. Get the most information about the bug without asking extra questions ‐ everything to reproduce an issue is collected automatically.

Whenever users encounter issues on a website they can submit a bugreport by simply selecting a text (for typo reporting). Attaching screenshots is dead easy too with built in screenshot tool.

Bugira will take care of the rest. You will receive user's browser and device information, window size, and the latest activity taken on the website. All that information allows you to understand the issue with the minimal input from end users.

  • What If you have a critical bug on live website?

    And not one ever reported it because they do not know how.
  • Do users understand the interface?

    User hits deadend. Where do they go from here?
  • Is there anyone to ask?

    How hard for a new user to get a support from a team.
  • Does that green button really work?

    Even if no errors happen it doesn't mean it works for end user.
  • Stop guessing. Let users tell you!

Bugira Use Cases

User Feedback

Are you tired of back and forward with customers? Let users submit simple form that will capture wealth of environment metadata in one simple click. Never ask for what browser they use again!

Client Feedback

Are you working with clients on another prototype? Let them submit feedback with ease. All information is captured in Bugira and organised in form of tickets for quick prioritorisation and triage.

User Acceptence Testing

Are you still gathering UAT feedback in spreadsheets? There is a better option. Bugira widget allows testers submit feedback right inside testing session as soon as the issue arise. Testers can submit screenshots and descriptions and Bugira will take care of the rest.

One App To Rule Them All


Session Replay

User Feedback

Ticket Management

Email Support

Chat Support

Automatic Bug Detection (AI)

Turn Reports into Automated Tests

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Transform Sporadic Feedback into a Pipeline

Collect, interact, and manage user feedback in one place.

1 Get Reports

No browser extensions needed. Just add a widget to the site.

2 Communicate

Via chat (if user is online) or via email

3 Manage tickets

Assign to testers or developers Set labels and priorities Export tickets to JIRA



  • User Accounts
  • Projects
  • Incoming Reports
  • Online Support
  • Phone Support


  • User Accounts: 1
  • Private Projects: 1
  • Public Projects: 100
  • Online Support:
  • Phone Support:


  • User Accounts: 5
  • Private Projects: 5
  • Incoming Reports: 1000
  • Online Support:
  • Phone Support:


  • User Accounts: Unlimited
  • Private Projects: Unlimited
  • Public Projects: Unmilited
  • Online Support:
  • Phone Support:

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Meet the team behind Bugira

Architect, technical leader and web developer by night. CRM expert and user support enthusiastic.
«Bugira will make your users talk»

Mikhail Kozlov
Mikhail Kozlov
Atlanta, GA
Michael Bodnarchuk
Michael Bodnarchuk
Kyiv, Ukraine

Web developer, open-source contributor, conference speaker. Author of Codeception & CodeceptJS testing frameworks.
«I started Bugira to know my users better»